Negro Lake Navegation / Kayaks




Rate x pax :  USD 36 - Based on 2 paxs

Minimum 2 paxs - Maximum 6 paxs

Low Dificulty - without restrictions   

Duration : 1 Hour



From the hotel beach the boat  will start the tour around the surroundings of the Black Lake, one of the purest waters in the world, scientifically proven. We will appreciate all the natural environment that surrounds our hotel accompanied by a local guide, experienced in the field. Depending on the season of the year, we can spot swans “coscoroba”, black neck, “canquenes”, mallard, “anteojillo, jergón, pupilen, taguas”among other species. Also from the middle of the lake we will be surprised with a green environment full of native forest of "Ñirre" (nothofagus antartica), "Lenga" (nothofagus pumilia), "Coigue" (nothofagus betuloides), which depending on the climatic conditions, achieves a perfect reflection in the waters of the Black Lake.

Being more immersed in the lake, we will be able to see some virgin beaches, perhaps never visited before and we will begin to appreciate the different shades of the lake as we move away from the edge.

We will be surprised by cliffs that come directly to feed the lake from the thaws of the mountain. The Black Lake is born from underground layers and reaches in its deepest parts approximately 90 meters. It should be remembered that these places were inhabited by the “Tehuelches”, natives of this area.



  • Bilingual guide
  • Kayak


  • Tips
  • Optional drinks
  • Trekking Shoes and clothes for rainy and cold weather


Prices in USD only for foreign passengers. Prices in CLP for chilean passengers and foreign residents in Chile, includes IVA (chilean tax).

Rates Price USD Price CLP
09/01/2021 to 03/31/2022 $36.00 $25,000.00

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USD $36.00
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